What does Missouri's Expired Extension for Real ID Act Mean for Air Travelers?

On October 10th, the Real ID extension for Missouri will expire, which could cause headaches for air travelers who don't have "proper" forms of identification. The act, passed by Congress in 2005, has reached it's fourth and final phase. And although it won't be fully enforced until October 1, 2020, driver's licenses used as ID at airports must be from a state that is compliant, has an exception, or a further extension.
While some states already meet the minimum driver's license security standards mandated by law and managed by the Department of Homeland Security, Missouri is one of 28 states whose extension expires soon, leaving many questions about the necessary forms of identification needed for air travel.
Although opponents of the federal law, primarily in the Missouri Senate, vowed to block the measure out of concerns that it was a major violation of Missourians' privacy rights, Governor Eric Greitens signed legislation in June that made Missouri compliant with the 2005 federal act. This then, requires Missouri residents to obtain a Real ID-compliant license for access to federal facilities, military bases and air travel, unless they choose to obtain other forms of acceptable identification. Alternative forms of identification, approved by the TSA, include a U.S. passport, U.S. passport card, U.S. military ID, permanent resident card or a border crossing card.
In an article ran by The Columbia Missourian, Michelle Gleba, director of communications for the state Department of Revenue, said that the process for compliance would take at least 18 months, and once Missouri is fully compliant with the act, residents will need to apply for a Real ID-compliant license, or continue to use alternative forms of identification.

For more information on the Real ID Act and its provisions regarding air travel, visit the TSA's official website <> or the Department of Homeland Security's official website <>.

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