Ten Reasons Why You Need a Human Travel Expert and A Travel Management Company. Reason #1



Chi-Chi travel management can help the leisure traveler, corporate traveler, travel managers and the companies they represent manage their most valuable asset – their time.

We are good at distilling the information. These days there is an overwhelming amount of information via websites and apps to shop for travel online. Some studies indicate that travelers spend on average 30 hours researching and preparing for a trip, and many visit up to 38 sites before actually making a reservation. Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole of poring over hotel photos or comparing endless flight options? We simplify the research. Agents provide one-stop shopping for travelers who require air arrangements, hotels stays, car service, rental cars, cruise accommodations, etc. We investigate and supply all competitive information, and our suggestions are in the client’s best interest - not the supplier.

The human travel expert is more important than ever when it comes to saving the traveler's time. The crazy part is – just like a personal shopper - most of our services are free or provided for a nominal charge.

“Time is money.” Benjamin Franklin

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