Client Experience - Re-booking In Midst Of Storm Delays

temp-post-imageIf you’re reading this, that means you’re familiar with our services and understand the importance of traveling efficiently. We’ve given you reasons why you would need a human travel expert, but do you really know what it is we do?

Imagine you’re traveling overseas for an important business meeting. You’ve just landed at one airport to meet your connecting flight and be on your way to the next. Only, once you arrive at the airport, you’re informed that a terrible snow storm has delayed all incoming and outgoing flights - leaving you stranded at the airport and late for your meeting. While the average person who planned their own trip and booked their own flights would have to wait this one out, the person who used their Chi-Chi Human Travel Expert can relax and enjoy their extended lay-over while we work on getting them to their meeting.

With the right amount of time and careful preparation anyone can plan a wonderful trip. However, here at Chi-Chi we not only plan wonderful trips, we also consolidate all aspects of traveling; ensure the lowest airfare rates; and guarantee security. We also understand that you can’t always predict unexpected “bumps” in the road, so we’re at your service 24-7 to make sure every detail of your trip is flawless and every kink worked out.

*The story above is based on an actual client experience! With our efficient practices and strong relationships within the industry, we were able to find this particular client ground transportation and got them to their meeting on time! But we’re not bragging.

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