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What We Do

We handle all travel services with a unique niche in corporate international markets.

With our established vendor relations, we can confirm pricing below published rates.

The key to our success is our contract negotiations, execution, and forward-thinking.

We are located in the Central West End, one of St. Louis’ most beautiful and historic neighborhoods.

Our event planning department has a great depth of talent and experience.

With our boutique style, clients are always pleased with the options and final product in our promotions department.

Our Catalog contains everything you need to promote your company’s brand, including unique corporate gifts, branded merchandise, branded apparel, giveaways and more!

Meet Our Team

Joy Bray, founder and president, has over twenty-five years of experience in the travel, brand marketing and event planning industries. Joy oversees the vision, management and strategic planning of the company. Joy has led the organization from a domestic-based agency to a global footprint.

Joy Bray

Founder and President

Kelly Toal, Co-Founder and Travel Manager, has over twenty-seven years of travel industry experience. Kelly and Joy have worked together for over twenty-five years. Kelly has been with Chi-Chi since the day it opened in April of 2003. Kelly specializes in corporate and international travel and is willing to go above and beyond for the customer.

Kelly Toal

Co-Founder and Manager

Heather Boever, Travel Consultant, received her Bachelor’s Degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism from the University of Missouri. She joined Chi-Chi in 2008 and has over 10 years of experience in the industry. Heather enjoys making travel arrangements for clients, whether it’s for business or leisure. She looks forward to helping clients find the perfect vacation or making their business trip go as smoothly as possible.

Heather Boever

Travel Consultant

Leslie Perlow, Corporate Sales Manager, has over 15 years of experience, including B2B and corporate sales. She has earned her chops as an event planner, travel coordinator, meeting planner and commercial interior designer. She is a displaced Texan who calls St. Louis home. Leslie loves jumping into creative projects and looks forward to helping you with any of the services that Chi-Chi has to offer.

Leslie Perlow

Corporate Sales Manager

Myra Rowan, Sales Manager, joined Chi-Chi in 2007 as an event planner with several regional awards already on her resume. Being the seasoned traveler that she is, it didn’t take her long to incorporate travel promotions into her role. Today she helps Chi-Chi engage new clients and maintain ongoing customer relationships.

Myra Rowan

Sales Manager

Allison recently joined the Chi-Chi, LLC team as a Project Manager and is excited about this journey.   She graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and brings those design skills with her.  With previous event planning experience, Allison works cross-departmentally to give clients the best service possible.  No matter what your needs are, Allison is ready to hit the ground running.

Allison Bowman

Project Manager

Abby works with clients as a Project Manager at Chi-Chi, LLC.  After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations in 2014, she has worked in multiple industries and recognizes that each company has an individual approach.  Understanding the need for a personal touch, she is ready to use her graphics and marketing experience to help you reach your goals.

Abby Hughes

Project Manager

What Our Clients Say

I was just reviewing our mission events of last year and was reminded of what a fantastic job you and your staff did getting our team of 83, deep into Central Mexico. It was amazing; multiple groups going into different airports at different times and it all came together at the other end without a hitch. Several of the team had never flown before and most of them had never been out of the country, so your meeting them at the airport with boarding passes in hand helped get their mission journey off to a great start. All of your extra efforts at the front end made our task of Taking the Light of Christ into Mexico’s Heart of Darkness, even more meaningful.

Please tell Chris that his choice of water bottles was perfect. They are holding up well. Some of them have been back to Mexico three and four times and still look great. We will soon be ordering more for this year’s mission journeys. Thank him also for the extra effort in getting the refrigerator magnets for our Global Impact Celebration. That was a last minute thought, but he was able to get them for us just in time.

Thanks again for being an important part of the FBCA On Mission Team.

jim nicolls

mission coordinator first baptist church

Last summer, Thursday 25 I was on my way to NY to be the best man in my friend’s wedding. I was traveling with my wife Sarah and our then, 8 month old Gabie. We arrived at Lambert airport for our 6:00 flight about an hour early, but when we sat down we realized that the flight that was supposed to leave our terminal at 3:15 was still waiting to board. We were flying into a remote airport outside of NY City, so we had a layover and switch. My immediate thought was that we would miss our connector and be stranded in our layover city. At that point I freaked out because I didn’t want to be stuck in an airport with a babe either in St. Louis or at our layover location. I asked the airline people for information on our connector and if it was running late and when we would expect to take off and they were very rude and gave me no information.

Earlier that day I had attended our BNI meeting where Myra Rowan talked about the travel agent services that she provided. Luckily I had given my wife a set of BNI business cards and was able to locate Myra’s number at Chi Chi, LLC. In a panic I called Myra who put me through to Kelly Toal. Kelly quickly calmed me down, took my number, and told me that she would call me back with information. She called about 5 minutes later with information on my connector, the status of airport information around the United States, and told me what options were available for my travel. It seems thunderstorms throughout the north and east had delayed air traffic all over the United States. After the phone call, I had all of the necessary information that I needed to relax. The connector flight was delayed and more importantly my flight was going to be taking off with enough time to get to my final destination.

At that point I realized that traveling alone without an expert’s assistance is like going to a foreign country without a tour guide. Sure you can see the sights and enjoy yourself, but you don’t know your way around and if you get lost, you can’t get the right answers because you don’t speak the native language. The next time I travel, I will use Chi Chi, LLC as my “tour guide.

jeremy klaven, cpa

Wolfe Nilges Nahorski PC

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